Bolton and Bury District Football League 

                  Annual General Meeting Monday 15th May 2017     

                    Platinum Suite, Macron Stadium, BWFC 19:45            


Welcome and registrations commence at 19:30

Meeting commenced at 19:50 with 56-member clubs represented

Chris Rees welcomed attendees and went through apologies

Previous AGM minutes send prior to meeting and approved.

CR read through a brief statement from outgoing chairman Warren Barlow

Gavin Hudson spoke about coach development and upcoming courses being facilitated by the league.

CR spoke about referees and the shortfall the league currently had.

It was confirmed that the league is now a LTD. Company and has full charitable status.

All 20-year anniversary balls handed out to clubs at December meeting.

It was confirmed that the cup finals would be held at the Macron Stadium and Manchester City’s Etihad Complex.

The leagues Futsal and Girls program’s both going well and the league are looking to build on this next season 2017/18


Paul Anderson (league treasurer) gave an overview of the leagues current financial status

Opening Balance of - £72k

After league fees and spend the balance is £82k

This is prior to additional spend for cup finals and league trophies balance after this spend likely to be around £62k

Questions raised from the floor

Can we have free league fees?

Answer from Marcus Howarth – The league fess for current season come in at £62k minus this from the yearly balance would leave the league in a negative balance after spending.

Can the league fund winter venues?

Chris Rees – The league is open to funding a percentage based on demand

Is there any money set aside for the older age groups?

Chris Rees – U14 futsal was offered to all clubs but the uptake was poor.

Could and inter league be looked at for the older age groups?

Chris Rees – This is something the league is hoping to set up for the new 2017/18 season.


General Secretary Report

Chris Rees spoke about the change of season for the development age groups, all positive feedback with teams from outside the league wishing to join.

CR gave a brief update on some new FA rules to be included in SCOR, the league has also applied to be a pilot league for The FA’s new temporary dismissal pilot.

Four new clubs have applied to join the league

CR spoke about Girls Football – 28 teams to date all playing most weeks, The FA’s Wildcat program running over 16 weeks with nearly 50 girls attending.

CR went through the Cup Final timings.




Re-Election of Committee Members

All the following where elected to serve for the next 12 months by majority

General Secretary Chris Rees

Welfare        Vacant

Under 7’s     Vacant

Under 8’s     Dominic Beaver

Under 9’s      Marcus Haworth

Under 10’s    Gavin Hudson

Under 11’s    Warren Barlow

Under 12’s    Katrina Mills

Under 13’s    Bernice McNair

Under 14’s    Hollie Blears

Under 15’s    Janet Cormican

Under 16’s    Tony Berry

Under 17’s    Michael Worthington

Under 18’s    Stuart McNair

Under 21’s    Stuart McNair

Treasurer      Paul Anderson

Referee's      Chris Rees

Girls              Kelly Boag


A prize draw was held to give the members something back:

£500 matchwinner Voucher - AFC Dobbies

Reduction/free League fees for the coming season – Howfen F.C


AOB – Open Forum


Is there a link with other FA’s for university students that leave to study?

CR – Possibly something the FA are looking at currently developing in conjunction with WGS.

Gary Russell voted in by majority as the New League Chairman

GR spoke of his honour at being voted in and thanked Warren Barlow for his efforts over the last 10 years.

The leagues aim and key objective is to become the best league in the country.

GR thanked the new general secretary and committee members for their continued hard work.

The new league structure was explained.

GR outlined the leagues 2017/18 aims.

Chris Rees closed the meeting at 21:46