BBDFL Chairman Communication -August 20 ...

BBDFL Chairman Communication -August 2017

First and foremost, thank you all for your support over the past few months and particularly on a personal level since I had the privilege of being voted League Chairman in May.

I mentioned in my last communication how important it is, to continually reflect and see what’s working well, and what needs improving. Not an easy task but a very important one.

Over the past few months, The League Secretary and myself have spent time talking to clubs about where they see the league at present, and what can we do to improve. The feedback is essential if we are to create the best football experience for our youth.

I want to place on record a huge thank you for the open and constructive feedback all of which will be taken on board.

It’s a member’s league, and you all have a major part to play in how our league should be run. We want transparency, openness, honesty, constructive feedback and ideas on how we can take us to that next level.

We are really pleased with the feedback, but like any organisation, we know we can improve further.

We are meeting more clubs over the coming months, and in some cases attending Club Committee meetings where we can give Club members another outlet to air their views.

We have also spent some time with our partners in developing our relationships and identifying initiatives and projects that we can partner on.

The positive meetings have involved The FA, County FA, Bolton Council, University Of Bolton, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, Bolton Futsal Club, and our great friends from Bolton FM. There are so many opportunities and the future is exciting.

One initiative that we embarked on in March 2017 is our change of calendar season which is a 3 year trial and has full support of the FA and LFA.

Whilst it’s called “Change of Season” it’s effectively the provision of a summer football programme for our younger non competitive age groups. ( U7-U11’s) running from March – October 2017 primarily on grass pitches.

As a league we are pleased to report we haven’t lost one weekend to bad weather since the change started, and the pitches are holding up very well in great playing conditions. Feedback from participants is excellent. A full review will be carried out with the FA in September 2017.

There are a number of initiatives we are currently working on include our plans to introduce adult football, grow girls and disability football, expand our futsal provision and continuing our discussions with our partners regarding a BBDFL facility.

One particular change we are looking to introduce in October 2017 is the change of format to our league meeting structure.

This follows our recent SGM meeting (14/8) and discussions with the CFA and the FA (16/8) on our ideas for change.

Our current structure is 4 League Meetings a year, plus an AGM in May and an SGM in August.

Whilst we need to discuss and agree the detail with the Committee and Clubs, the Boards thinking (following FA discussions) is to:

  1. The meetings should be attended by Club Secretaries and Club Chairs only or a senior Club representative who is comfortable about voting (if required) on behalf of the club.

Committee Members and Board Members will also be in attendance.

  1. The meetings to focus on League Business, and where appropriate taking part in any voting requirements. Meetings to be more inter-active and where possible involve a guest speaker on a topical item i.e. sin bins.

Any item that requires a club vote at a meeting will be sent 3 weeks before a meeting.

  1. The meetings will last no longer than 75 minutes.
  2. General Meetings to be held October and March.
  3. AGM to be held no later than 30th June (agreed with CFA) Voting new Committee in and Voting new clubs in for the following season. We will be looking to an end of June AGM
  4. SGM not required in August.

We are looking to introduce this asap and therefore we will discuss in more detail with the Committee and then invite all Club Secretaries/Chairs to attend the October meeting ( TBA) to discuss and agree this suggested structure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this brief, as we look to improve the communication process across the league.

Finally, the very best of luck to you all as we look forward to another great BBDFL season.


Gary R