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Age Group Secretary Message

Gavin Hudson

Mobile: 07402 083382

 League Email:gavinbbdfl@gmail.com

22nd October 2017,

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the season so far. 
We are now officially got to our winter period and so I just want to run through the options that you have in relation to games.
You can either,
1. arrange your own friendlies,
2. enter a team in Futsal- which will be rolled out hopefully the end of the week,and to start the second week of November.
3. take a break,
4. I can arrange some games for you.
In relation to point number 3- could you email me in the subject box, "U7 games to continue"- this is really important so that I do not miss you off. Please also mention if you want a central venue (Burnden)or your own pitch. You can also play at other venues if you wish.
In relation to the Central Venue (Burnden 3G)- I have negotiated a price of   £1 a player / or  £21 a pitch (based on 3 teams to a pitch). Pitch fees will need to be paid directly to Burnden 3G on arrival.
I am planning on setting up games the first week of November 2017. You can start and stop games when ever you want. Just send me a list of dates on your email.
Also it is really important that when you are on a Central Venue you are finished on the hour. On the 21st October teams that were on at 9am were not coming off pitches until 10.20- this simply cannot happen again. Your slot is an hour, so you need to manage your game time more effectively. Finishing late has an impact on other teams.
If I am informed that teams are taking more than hour, then I will simply take your team off the games list for the following week. So let's work together and manage the time more effectively.
As always, any queries then let me know.

17th October 2017,

Hi All Fixtures for 21st October 2017 are now available. Please note, a number of teams are not playing this weekend so the number of fixtures are now reduced. 

I have tried to get as many games on at Burnden 3G this weekend to ensure that players get some game time .

Ensure the last weekend of Taster games.

Thank you for your support.


15th October 2017,

Hi All,

The 21st October 2017 will be the last weekend of the U7s taster block of fixtures.

Games for this weekend will be available shortly, I am waiting on numbers available to play.

I will provide an update shortly.



9th October 2017

Dear All,

Just a quick update - the League Introductory games will end on Saturday 21st October 2017 (inclusive).

From this date, you have the option to enter the League Futsal (Sundays – to start the first/ second week of November), arrange your own friendlies, or take a break for the start of the full season.

The full season 2017/2018 will commence in March 2018 where games will be played through the summer- more details to follow.

I have had a couple of queries asking whether I will provide fixtures from November to March. The answer to this is yes if there are enough teams who want them.

Fixtures will need to take place at Burnden Park – please note, the cost of pitch hire will not be covered by the League after the 21st October, however I have agreed a price of a £1 a player per week to cover pitch hire.

If you are interested in this, then please email me quoting Ref: Winter games in the subject box.

I can then compile a list of teams who then require fixtures and want to play.

At some point, I will also be arranging a 3V3 festival- further information to follow.

Thank you to those that have provided feedback to games so far, this is vital in player development and in keeping the games close and competitive, so please keep doing it. From this week, I have started to group you into levels 1-3. Level 1 advanced, Level 2, expected, and level 3, development. Please keep sending as much feedback as possible, as it will make a better experience for the players in the long run. When you send it now, please also try to provide a level comment on there. You know your players and team better than me, so let us work together on this.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be arranging an U7 coaches meeting. Please get involved and come down. Venue and date to be confirmed.

Lastly, Iteammate will be fully updated by the end of October so that you are ready for League games to recommence in March 2018.

As always, if you have any queries then please let me know.

Kind Regards,



Dear Colleagues,

I have received a number of queries today about when the League starts and also team availability.

1. When does the League Start? :

The League is to start for the new U7s on the 9/9/2017 - this is a 6 week taster to get the kids playing. It will run up to October half term. 

If you do not want to participate in games then please let me know ASAP so that I can take you off the fixture lists. From October you can play friendlies, Futsal or take a break. In March 2018 fixtures that run through the Summer will commence. The 23/9 and 30/9 is at Oxford Grove for the U7 festival. For these games you must try to attend.

2. Pitches:

Matches will be played on home venue pitches or on Central Hubs. These Hubs are to be finaslised for March 2018- for now there will be a mix of home venues on grass, or 3G. The Central Hubs arrnaged for the 9/9/2017 are at Burnden Park and Mossbank. These are subject to change for the 16/9/2017, and dates running up to October half term. The League is presently not running  on the Powerleague for the 6 weeks, however due to any change in weather this may change. If you have a home venue I will try to accomodate you for the period, however for the 23/9 and 30/9 all games will be at Oxford Grove.

3. Footwear:

Players are to wear either plastic moulded studs or astros -(depending on weather) - no blades or metal studs.


Further information will be posted on here im due course. Please read in conjunction with the notes from the 4/9/2017.




Hi all,

Fixtures for the 9/9/2017 can be found on the U7 fixtures page. 

There are 3 venues this week.

Home Venue, or a Central Hub at either Burnden Park or Mossbank JFC.

Please note it is the responsibility of the Team A Manager to confirm match details with the other two teams. With the home venues you can change the match time if required, however with the Central Hub you only have an hour time slot so must be ready to go on the hour as otherwise you have a knock on effect on the teams in the next slot.

So, some game house rules:- I call it home work for Matchdays

1. Print off a copy / or download the League Rules for 2017/2018- this can be found on the  governance link to the BBDFL site. / fthen downloads.

2. All home  Managers (Team A)  to contact the opposition by Wednesday prior to the game to confirm match details. It is there responsibility to send me the results of each game by way of (e.g group A, and results) by 6.30 the day of the game. If I do not receive an email I cannot monitor team developments and match you up in close games.

3. All games are 18 minutes regardless of stoppages . This means you have 2 minues per game to turn the teams around for the next KO. 

4. The Manager whose team is not in a match must referee the game for the other two teams. When refereeing please give the players the opportunity to correct their mistakes / let them have another go (For example throw in, show them how to do it correctly and let them take it again. Back passes- don't just stop the play). The big word is "EDUCATE".

5. At all venues, coaches and teams  are to stand on the opposite side of the pitch from spectators / parents. So on grass venue, you stand on the other side of the pitch to the spectator line. There should be no more than 2 coaches per team at pitch side. Finally all coaches must stand on one side of the pitch , and not behind the goal. At grass pitch venues, all parents / spectators must stand behind a respect barrier or line.

6. No parents or spectators are to enter the field of play either before, after or during a game (this includes an injury to a player).  

7. Please donot coach the players from the touchline, it is their game time. Encourage by all means but no shouting or barking commands - these are children, it is their game so please let them enjoy it.

8. Lastly, cancellation of games- these need to be done by email no later than either Monday evening before the fixture to be cancelled, or if fixtures are not made available until Monday then no later than Tuesday evening. The only exception is cancelled games due to the weather. Please always contact me prior to weather cancellations. If you have any closed dates (e.g holidays etc then let me know).

Other areas to cover:

1. ITeammate registrations- please complete as soon as possible- ideally before the 9/9/2017.

2. Some clubs / teams are under the impression that the U7s do not start until March 2017. This is not the case, there are games from 9/9/2017 right through to October 2017 half term. If you cannot play the 9/9/2017 for what ever reason then please let me know. The main dates to cover for your diary this month are the Futsal this Sunday 10/9/2017 and 23rd & 30th for games are Oxford Grove.

As always, if you have any queries then let me know.

Thank you for your support.







Hi to all the new U7s to the BBDFL. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your journey with us. 

First of all I have set up a contacts page. When you get a minute,please check your details are correct.

I have had a few questions regarding when the league starts.

The first games will be from the 9/9/2017. I will be providing further details for you over the coming weeks.

First up, our free Futsal introduction for the new U7s. This is on Saturday 2/9 12-1 at Smithills School, Bolton BL1 6JS. Please let me know if you are attending.

If you have any queries or questions in the meantime then drop me an email.

Happy Footballing.