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Under's 8 Fixtures. Wk 16 ... 15th July

Hi All

the fixtures have been a nightmare this week with the amount of withdrawals

i have done the best i can to give you different opposition but i am worried that there may be a couple of mis-match fixtures.

please remember the power play ruling and nothing is gain by winning by a vast amount of goals. if the score is running away please do all in your power to amend even if you swap a couple of players . it is about the development of all the kids not just your team.









Week 16 Fixtures -
Group A    
Pitch- StrikerZ Team A FC Strikerz SNIPERZ
  Team B Oxford Grove JFC TIGERS
  Team C FC Bridgewater Galaxy
FC Strikerz SNIPERZ V Oxford Grove JFC TIGERS
Oxford Grove JFC TIGERS V FC Bridgewater Galaxy
FC Bridgewater Galaxy V FC Strikerz SNIPERZ
Group B    
Pitch- Turton Team A Turton Tigers FC
  Team B FC Strikerz Yellows
  Team C Ramsbottom United GIANTS
Turton Tigers FC V FC Strikerz Yellows
FC Strikerz Yellows V Ramsbottom United GIANTS
Ramsbottom United GIANTS V Turton Tigers FC
Group C    
Pitch- Eagley Team A Eagley FC
  Team B Bury FC Juniors TIGERS
  Team C Tiki Taka REAL
Eagley FC V Bury FC Juniors TIGERS
Bury FC Juniors TIGERS V Tiki Taka REAL
Tiki Taka REAL V Eagley FC
Group D    
Pitch- Prestwich   Prestwich Marauders FC LIONS
    Tika Taka SEVILLA
    Astley Bridge WANDERERS
Astley Bridge WANDERERS V Tika Taka SEVILLA
Tika Taka SEVILLA V Prestwich Marauders FC LIONS
Prestwich Marauders FC LIONS V Astley Bridge WANDERERS
Group E    
Pitch- Howfen   Howfen FC TIGERS
    Tika Takka Dortmund
    Atherton Town JFC ALLSTARS
Atherton Town JFC ALLSTARS V Tika Takka Dortmund
Tika Takka Dortmund V Howfen FC TIGERS
Group F    
Pitch- Bury   Bury FC Juniors PANTHERS
    North Walkden SHARKS
    Bolton County COSMOS
Bolton County COSMOS V North Walkden SHARKS
North Walkden SHARKS V Bury FC Juniors PANTHERS
Bury FC Juniors PANTHERS V Bolton County COSMOS
Group G    
Pitch- Mossbank Team A North Walkden DRAGONS
  Team B MossBank JFC GREENS
  Team C Prestwich Marauders FC PUMAS
MossBank JFC GREENS V North Walkden DRAGONS
North Walkden DRAGONS V Prestwich Marauders FC PUMAS
Prestwich Marauders FC PUMAS V MossBank JFC GREENS
Group H    
Pitch- Adlington Team A Adlington Lions
  Team B Atherton Town JFC LIONS
  Team C Little Lever Sports Club
Adlington Lions V Atherton Town JFC LIONS
Atherton Town JFC LIONS V Little Lever Sports Club
Little Lever Sports Club V Adlington Lions
Group I    
Pitch- Atherton Team A Atherton LR JFC Pirates
  Team B Boothstown FC EAGLES
  Team C FC Strikerz NINJAS
Atherton LR JFC Pirates V Boothstown FC EAGLES
Boothstown FC EAGLES V FC Strikerz NINJAS
FC Strikerz NINJAS V Atherton LR JFC Pirates
Group J    
Pitch- Mth Walkden   North Walkden LIONS
    Tika Taka SEVILLA
    Hindley Green FC
North Walkden LIONS V Tika Taka SEVILLA
Tika Taka SEVILLA V Hindley Green FC
Hindley Green FC V North Walkden LIONS
Group K    
Pitch- Anfield 9.15 Team A Bromley Cross WIZARDS
  Team B FC Strikerz GREENS
  Team C Tika Taka Boca Jnrs
Bromley Cross WIZARDS V FC Strikerz GREENS
FC Strikerz GREENS V Tika Taka Boca Jnrs
Tika Taka Boca Jnrs V Bromley Cross WIZARDS
Group L    
Pitch- Stamford Bridge 9.15 Team A Tika Taka Evolution
  Team B Tiki Taka EL GUERREROS
  Team C FC Bridgewater COMETS
Tika Taka Evolution V Tiki Taka EL GUERREROS
Tiki Taka EL GUERREROS V FC Bridgewater COMETS
FC Bridgewater COMETS V Tika Taka Evolution
Group M    
Pitch- Howfen   Howfen FC LIONS
    Bolton Lads & Girls
    Ramsbottom United RAIDERS
Howfen FC LIONS V Bolton Lads & Girls
Bolton Lads & Girls V Ramsbottom United RAIDERS
Ramsbottom United RAIDERS V Howfen FC LIONS
Group N    
Pitch- Mossbank   MossBank JFC BLUES
    FC Strikerz EAGLES
    Hindsford FC LIGHTING
FC Strikerz EAGLES V Hindsford FC LIGHTING
Group O    
Pitch- Atherton Team A Ramsbottom United TIGERS
  Team B Atherton LR JFC Minions
  Team C Bromley Cross Titans
Ramsbottom United TIGERS V Atherton LR JFC Minions
Atherton LR JFC Minions V Bromley Cross Titans
Bromley Cross Titans V Ramsbottom United TIGERS
Group P    
Pitch- PSFC Team A PSFC
  Team B Breightmet Wanderers
  Team C Leigh Folds JFC
PSFC V Breightmet Wanderers
Breightmet Wanderers V Leigh Folds JFC
Leigh Folds JFC V PSFC
Group Q    
Pitch- Adlington Team A Adlington JFC Sharks
  Team B Tika Taka Allstars
  Team C North Walkden CORBRAS
Adlington JFC Sharks V Tika Taka Allstars
Tika Taka Allstars V North Walkden CORBRAS
North Walkden CORBRAS V Adlington JFC Sharks
Group S    
Pitch- Old Trafford 9.15   Hindsford FC THUNDER
    Bolton County GALAXY
    Ramsbottom Utd Scorpians
Hindsford FC THUNDER V Bolton County GALAXY
Bolton County GALAXY V Ramsbottom Utd Scorpians
Ramsbottom Utd Scorpians V Hindsford FC THUNDER
Group T    
Pitch- Mossbank   Boothstown FC WOLVES
    Mossbank Reds
    Astley & Tydsley Wolves
    Mossbank Whites
Astley & Tydsley Wolves V Mossbank Reds
Mossbank Whites V Boothstown FC WOLVES
Mossbank Reds V Boothstown FC WOLVES
Mossbank Whites V Astley & Tydsley Wolves
Boothstown FC WOLVES V Mossbank Whites
Mossbank Reds V Mossbank Whites

Under 8's Age Group Arena and Club Fixtures - Recent Results