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Bolton Bury & District Football League

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important information

Please see the attached information via this link regards use of 3G facilities.



(paste into browser if link doesnt work)


Posted: 23/04/14 16:47

2014_15 applications

Application forms for the BBDFL season 2014/15 are now on the league website at 




Note, one application is required per team.


For the under 7s and 8s there are two types of entry.


1. Central Venue (C.V.) which is £155 per team, but covers all pitch fees on excellent 3G surfaces and virtually guarantees football when other facilities will not be available (£55 entry fee and £100 venue cost)


2. Own Venue (O.V.) which is £55 and allows for clubs with their own facilities to enter the competition. Please note you must have an approved home pitch for 5v5 to enter as O.V.


Please ensure your team is entered in good time as this league soon fills and otherwise we cannot guarantee places

All applications should be submitted by your Club Secretary, not by individual managers 



Posted: 23/04/14 06:46

Central Venues

A questionaire was recently sent to clubs asking if they wished to remain at Central venues for u7s and 8s in the coming sesson.

The reason for the questiinaire was that the committee was discussing the huge loss in numbers in these age groups as we previously had over 50 teams in each age band playing 7v7 and since taking up 5v5 we have gone to around 45.

A loss of around 500 players!

What has caused this?

Cost of £65 for 7v7 or £165 for 5v5 per season to cover venue costs?

Travel to the central venue?


The way the league is administered?

Or another reason.

The questionaires came back overwhelmingly in favour of central venues with 88% wanting them to remain.

What do we do about the 500 players we have lost?

I would be interested in your views on this as i find it wholly unacceptable to do nothing.

Please use the contact us link to send me your options

Warren Barlow

Posted: 21/04/14 10:29

futsal league

In conjunction with Bolton Wanderers and Brian Herrity from Tonge FC we have been trialing futsal at U9s with a view to growing the game and building a sustainable futsal competition for all age groups

This would allow the traditional game to be played Saturday and a skill based game on Sunday

Contact Brad Adams BWFC for details




Posted: 10/04/14 06:45

Free kits available

Need a new kit?

then try the Premier League Players Kit Scheme

applications now open




Posted: 07/04/14 14:00

free skills coaching sessions

Check out details of the FREE Tesco Skills Sessions near you during the Easter Half Term Holidays'!


The FA Tesco Skills Programme offers FREE football coaching during the school holidays at venues throughout Lancashire.

Our holiday football coaching sessions are a great way for children to try the programme for the first time, providing a great introduction to our weekly after school Skills Centres. FA Tesco Skills holiday football coaching is perfect for children who want to develop their football ability and also if they just want to have some fun during the holidays. We welcome boys and girls aged 5-11 years of all abilities to our football coaching sessions, where they can learn new skills, develop their techniques and have lots of fun.

FA Tesco Skills holiday sessions last the duration of a morning or afternoon and are completely FREE, thanks to the support of Tesco. Tesco fund each of our holiday football coaching sessions as part of their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting the development of the future of football in England.

The Easter half term holiday sessions will take place as follows:

Kingsway Park High School, Turf Hill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4XA

Date: Tuesday 8th April 2014

Times: 10am - 12noon & 1pm - 3pm 

Ages: 5-11yrs

Cost: FREE

Kingsway Park High School, Turf Hill Road, Rochdale, OL16 4XA

Date: Thursday 10th April 2014

Times: 10am - 12noon & 1pm - 3pm 

Ages: 5-11yrs

Cost: FREE



Bolton Arena, Bolton, BL6 6LB

Date: Tuesday 15th April 2014

Times: 10am - 12noon & 1pm - 3pm 

Ages: 5-11yrs

Cost: FREE

Bolton Arena, Bolton, BL6 6LB

Date: Thursday 17th April 2014

Times: 10am - 12noon & 1pm - 3pm 

Ages: 5-11yrs

Cost: FREE


To book see:




Posted: 06/04/14 15:19

first aid course

There is a few places left on a first aid course running at Chorley Town Hall, Wed 9th April 6pm – 9pm. £21 a place. Can be booked via Lancs FA website or by contacting me.




Pete O'Neill

Community Development Support Officer

Chorley Council


( 01257 515151 | 8 chorley.gov.uk

Posted: 04/04/14 15:37

BBDFL Cup FInals 2014

Dear Members,

It is an honour and a pleasure to post this years cup final programme, but firstly we would like to put on record our utmost gratitude to all the staff at Bolton Wanderers who work so hard behind the scenes to support the work of this league and the town.

Special mentions must though go to our BWFC liaison officer John Howarth, Academy Director Jimmy Phillips and Grounds Manager Richard Norton.

Few leagues are afforded such prestigious venues to host there Cup Finals as the Reebok Stadium and the Eddie Davies BWFC Academy, but our partnership with Bolton Wanderers not only means the very best players of this league have the opportunity to join the club, but they also support us in many other ways such as our finals days


Saturday 17th May 2014 at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton

09.00 kick off: U10s Players Cup - Pitch 1

09.00 kick off: U11s Players Cup - Pitch 2

10.15 kick off: U10s Chairmans Cup - Pitch 1

10.15 kick off: U11s Chairmans Cup - Pitch 2

11.30 kick off: U12s Players Cup - Pitch 1

11.30 kick off: U12s Chairmans Cup - Pitch 2

12.45 kick off: U18s Chairmans Cup

2.45 kick off: U17s Chairmans Cup

4.45 kick off: U16s Chairmans Cup


Sunday 18th May 2014 at the Eddie Davies BWFC Academy, Bolton

9.30 kick off:

U16s Players Cup

U15s Players Cup

U13s Players Cup

12.30 kick off:

U17s Players Cup

U15s Chairmans Cup

U14s Players Cup

3.30 kick off:

U18s Players Cup

U14s Chairmans Cup

U13s Chairmans Cup

We would like to make these finals a true celebration of the league, Bolton Wanderers links with the community and grassroots football, and as such we would like as many people to come down and support these 2 days. Everybody will be welcome, food and drinks will be available and we would like to see our friends at the Bolton News and Local Radio Stations to showcase what enjoyable occassions should be about.

The BBDFL Committtee

Posted: 01/04/14 18:50

let them play


I'm growing increasingly concerned about the number of requests I'm getting for a league Rep or a strong/adult referee to attend games or to referee games because of clubs concerns over the behaviour of either a coach or parents whilst games are being played.

We all need to remember that its just a GAME and there just CHILDREN including some of the referees'.

Its up to you as clubs to control and if needed punish anyone connected with your club who behaves in a manner that isn't acceptable at a football game.

You wouldn't walk down a street shouting at kids or walk into a school and start shouting at the children so it shouldn't happen just because they have a football kit on.

Just let them Play


Posted: 14/03/14 19:38

Bolton News needs you

The Bolton News are looking to run a special feature on the Lancashire FA’s ‘Silent Weekend’ and want to get teams shots of all your Bolton Bury and District Football League teams posing up and taking part. If you can send them to robert.kelly@nqnw.co.uk and tell us details about the match and who played and scoreline

Posted: 06/03/14 11:47

Veterans Summer Football League

Are you 40+ and interested in playing in a Veterans Summer League hosted at Lancashire FAs state of the art 3G?  The league will be free to join and free to register click the link or contact shaun.burke@lancashirefa.com for more info or to register your interest.



Posted: 05/03/14 13:12

New Football Development Officer @ LFA

Happy New Year to you all.

Id like to introduce my self. My name is Shaun Burke.  I am the new Football Development Officer at Lancashire FA. Once I have settled into my new role I would like the opportunity to meet all clubs, in the mean time I look forward to meeting some of you at league meetings.

If I can help in anyway, or you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on shaun.burke@lancashirefa.com.

Posted: 06/01/14 10:59

Tower FM and Super John

Those that follow me on twitter or read the Bolton news on a Tuesday in the fantastic Grassroots sports supplement will know I will try anything to promote the game and get more kids playing, more referees, refereeing and more coaches coaching!

The benefits to the individuals and the community is immense!

Well a Tower FM and Bolton Legend have joined in and now offer a team of the week section on their sports show were they want to promote the very best of grassroots sport in the community!

the team of the week doesn't have to be winners either, they just need to be special to you!


Posted: 05/11/13 18:39

TEXT 70070 and do what you can

Dear members,

Please can we ask that you, your friends, family members, work colleagues, players, coaches and anybody else you know please do one simple thing!


Send a text?


Send a text to 70070


All the text needs to read is SKDD14 £1




SKDD14 £2




SKDD14 £3




SKDD14 £4




SKDD14 £5




SKDD14 £10


That's it, nothing else nothing more and £1 would be so appreciated.




Read this, because this tells you why.


Ambitious? Yes


Do-able? Yes if we pull together




Also check out this poster for details on how you can text a donation




Please do what you can

Posted: 22/10/12 21:06

BWFC Club Together Scheme

BWFC Club Together Website Competition

 To celebrate the launch of our revamped website, www.bwfcclubtogether.co.uk, we are giving away a mini pennant signed by Bolton’s goal machine Chris Eagles!

All you need to do is visit the competitions page on our website.

 If you would like to purchase Club Together tickets and raise £4 for your club for every £10 ticket purchased

please phone 01204 673651 or email groupsales@bwfc.co.uk

 Jonathan Elsegood

Posted: 27/09/12 18:11

Kevin Davies Honorary Patron

Bolton, Bury and District Football League are delighted to announce the signing of Bolton Wanderers Captain Kevin Davies as their Honorary Patron.

Established in 1996, BBDFL has around 7,000 children from the local area taking part in three formats of football each weekend who compete from an Under 7s level through to Under 18s. The League is supported by 1100 coaches, 150 referees and thousands more volunteers and spectators.

In his role as founder of KiDs of Bolton, long serving Wanderers star Kevin and his wife Emma have been working heavily with BBDFL to tackle the issue of the lack of wet-weather footballing facilities in the town.

KiDs of Bolton is a local charity set up in 2010 to help improve sporting facilities for those under the age of 18 that live in and around the Bolton area. Both KiDs of Bolton and BBDFL work tirelessly to give something back to the Bolton community by helping youngsters who otherwise would not find a way in life due to the hardships they may face.

Warren Barlow, BBDFL Chairman, explained that it is through Kevin and BBDJFL sharing these same aims and objectives that discussions opened for him becoming their Honorary Patron.

"We strongly believe that Kevin, who is the talisman for Bolton and doing so much for this town with his charity KiDs of Bolton, was the only candidate we wanted to be the patron of our league."

"Through working with Kevin in the past, we know that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship – we hope to compliment, support and assist Kevin in his own charity work and he will offer invaluable guidance and support to our league and members."

"My colleagues and I on the league committee are over the moon that he said yes and we look forward to working together in the future to continue working towards improving the football and footballing facilities available to the young people of our town."

In his capacity as Honorary Patron, Kevin will be involved with fundraising and campaigning as well as using his knowledge and understanding in the game to help outline the medium and long term objectives for BBDFL.

Speaking after accepting his position as Honorary Patron for BBDFL, Kevin said "'I am delighted to be working closely with the Bolton, Bury and District Football League to develop the growth of grassroots football in my home town and surrounding areas."

"Having lived in Bolton for nine years and watched my son develop through the league it excites me to be able to bring my knowledge and experience to this fantastic organisation. Working together we will be able to progress the league and also the facilities available to kids that love football."

The BBDFL are a partner league to Bolton Wanderers and have built local links with the Club as well as being supported by BWFC throughout the season including the use of the Reebok Stadium and academy facilities for their Cup Finals and were awarded the national title of Charter Standard League of the Year in 2010.

SKD small


Posted: 20/07/12 11:42


BWFC would like to announce that they are continuing the ticket cash back scheme for the 2012/2013 season.

Please click on the link


Many thanks

Jonathan Elsegood
Group Sales Administrator
Bolton Wanderers Football Club
Reebok Stadium
Burnden Way
Tel +44 (0)1204 673651
Fax +44 (0)1204 673773

Posted: 17/05/12 22:51

Free aid to running youth football teams

Dear coaches

An easier way to run youth football has recently grabbed my attention.

I am going to trial it using our Under 16s team at ladybridge, so wanted to let you know as it could help you run and organise your team better

It's a website called Commentary Box and it helps with the day-to-day running of youth football teams.

During a demonstration I was impressed by the quality and the range of features on offer - plus the website is private and secure with only people you allow to see information, able to see information.

I would recommend it as a great choice for running youth football teams.

The website is free to use which includes a free text messaging system, chat team set ups, match reports etc and will shortly be able to be embedded into your own websites.

Why not give it a go, as in these times when we are so busy and teams struggle with costs of running a team this little application may be able to take away some of the burden

Check out the site and see if it is able to help you out

You can even test sign up one of your teams first and try it out. 

I have attached a pdf which gives an overview of the website. To sign up your team go to www.commentarybox.co.uk.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Alternatively, if you need help setting up you can contact Commentary Box direct at hello@commentarybox or call 0845 3194801.

Link to PDF below:



Posted: 21/02/12 09:32

Sports First Aid Kits - Bolton & Bury League Special Offer

'Infact Medical' for club first aid kits. 

The service is good & the prices are absolutely spot on.
I spoke to the owner & told him about the numerous other clubs in our league & he said that he'd happy to give our member clubs a 25% discount on their orders.

So there is no excuse for not having an up to date medical kit.

See the attached flyer for full details



Posted: 10/09/11 17:07

Players Insurance

The league takes out insurance for players every season. Should someone within your team suffer a serious injury then to make a claim the league secretary needs to be informed. Full name, address, contact telephone number and date of birth along with a brief description of the injury should be emailed to lesley.allon@ntlworld.com

Lesley Allon

League secretary


Posted: 03/09/11 23:25

BBDFL Newspaper

Please se the attached link which gives you an insight into the twitter discusions currently going on in relation to grassroots football, your kids your say and coaching advice



Posted: 11/06/11 16:31

FA Charter Standard League of the year 2010



The BBDFL were confirmed as the North West Winners of the FA Charter Standard League Award sponsored by McDonalds in May this year.

Members of the league then received invitations to the Community Shield at Wembley on Sunday 8th August 2010, when Jake Humphries (BBC anchor for formula 1 coverage) announced to a large audience of grassroots volunteers, key individuals from the sponsors McDonalds and their guests, that the Bolton, Bury and District Football League had been selected as the National Charter Standard League of the Year 2010. 

Also in attendance were many key individuals from the game of football to present the awards and assist with the days proceedings, these included, Sir Trevor Brooking, Sir Geoff Hurst, Sir Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Pat Jennings, Lee Sharpe and Scott Minto.

The Chairman Warren Barlow was then invited onto the Wembley pitch at Half time to formally receive the award in front of the crowd.

Warren accepted the trophy on behalf of all the people who are and have been involved in some way in shaping the grassroots football landscape in the Bolton, Bury and District area.We would like to thank everybody for their efforts including the FA, the County FA staff and McDonalds for recognising the work we all do.

This is a tremendous achievement and testamount to the hard work and dedication, all in the league have shown over the years.


Posted: 10/08/10 10:31


Posted: 15/06/10 21:44

BBDJFL receives National Recognition

Please click here to read the full story

Posted: 22/02/10 18:15

Respect Barriers and Tape

Last season the league purchased 70 sets of respect barriers and tape and distributed them to member clubs.

This was a one off gesture by the committee, to ensure that the respect programme got off the ground immediately in this league.

It is a league and FA rule that respect barriers and dedicated spectator areas are in place.

Any teams that do not comply with this requirement MUST be reported to the discipline secretary for action to be taken.

Please note if you wish to purchase the official barriers and tape please visit


Prices range from £50.00 + VAT and carriage for one mini soccer pitch to £140.00 +VAT and carriage for a full size pitch. (Please note this only caters for one side of the pitch!)

If you wish to purchase the same items as distributed by the league at greatly reduced costs then we recommend you visit. (Please note one set is sufficient for 2 sides of a full size pitch)


20 x 3ft white posts £23.00

Rope can then be sought locally or bought from:

Timko Limited UK

220 metres of 6mm poly rope £7.92 +VAT

Posted: 07/02/10 11:14

Photograph Guidance

Please see the attached guidance which is provided by the Football Association


To summarise there is NOTHING wrong with taking photographs at sporting events and in fact if you think foul play is at hand you should report it to the Police.

The only place a person can be prevented from taking photographs is on PRIVATE land were the owner has decreed that they will not allow the taking of photographs and this action is CLEARLY displayed

Posted: 27/09/09 17:53