Under 10's Summer Season


Age Group Secretary Message

12th August 2018

Note: I will be posting teams into their U11 Sections for the 2018-19 season this week.

Please update your teams on iteammate and I will approve them w/c: 03/09/18.


Basic introduction to BBDFL 9v9 rules:

No retreat rule at any time

No offsides (offsides come in at U12)

Foul throw = turnover of possession

Duration = 2x 30 min halves

Pitch size = 80x50 yards approx.

Ball size = Size 4

Goal size = 16x7 ft

Rules can be found here: https://bbdfl.org/58/rules-of-the-game 


Latest rules regarding Iteammate registration:

  • All player info must be uploaded with new photos, ID must have already been approved (or uploaded for new players), and full DOB uploaded before the first gameof the season.
  • I will approve all players that have the above, this will make the light turn green against their name.
  • If the light next to the player is either amber or red the player is unable to take part in ANY games.
  • It is upto YOU to make me aware if you have made any changes that require approval.
  • Coaches MUST have a laminated team sheet or access to iteammate on their phones for inspection by the opposition coach on match days for all league/cup games.
  • Failure to issue a teamsheet for inspection will result in a warning sent via the League General Secretary for the first offence, a final warning for the second offence and a 3 point deduction (not relevant for U11) for the third offence.


Thanks, John Thomson

Posted: 07/07/2018

Atherton Town

Atherton town u10s moving to 9v9 looking for players

Posted: 06/07/2018

Bolton Lads & Girls Club

Great Team, and Great Facilities

Posted: 18/06/2018

Farnworth Hurricanes Reds

Looking for strong talent players to join our team

Posted: 04/06/2018

Daisy Hill Juniors Lions

Daisy Hill Lions are looking to strengthen their current squad that are soon to go from 7v7 to 9v9.