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Age Group Secretary Message

Gavin Hudson

Mobile: 07402 083382

League Email:gavinbbdfl@gmail.com



Dear All,

The final week for Futsal Fixtures 2018 /2019 are now available on the fixtures page.

Thank you to one and all that have taken part in this years games.

I look forward to catching up with you later in the year.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the rest of the season.

Kind Regards,







Hi All,

Apologises for the delay in fixtures this week. They are now available for the 20/1 and 21/1. 

I have this week had a meeting with another League in discussing Futsal within Lancashire. A couple of area which were discussed- girls, recruitment and pathways for U11+, playing as a summer format.

The main area for all of you is variation of opposition. I am pleased to let you know that shortly inter-league games are to be launched. This will give you all a unique test. 

In the meantime, enjoy your games this weekend.







Hi All,

Futsal games for the weekend of the 13/1 and 14/1 are available on the contacts page now. 





Hi All,

First of all. Happy New Year. I hope the festive period was an enjoyable one.

As a number of players are still away or on Christmas holidays, fixtures will recommence the Saturday 13th January 2018.

Fixtures will be available shortly.

Kind Regards,





Dear All,

This weekend, the 16th and 17th December is the last weekend of games before Christmas.

First of all, may I welcome Moorside Rangers U7, and U10 to games this weekend. I hope you enjoy the games.

So far, the games have gone well, and thank you to those who have provided positive feedback. There are a couple of minor points to bring up.

1. The game format is Futsal - we are not playing indoor football, physcial contact on players is minimal. Please ensure that heavy tackling does not take place.

2. Ball Retention- we want players to hold the ball, and be creative, please encourage this. There have been too many instances of kicking the ball away, and kicking the ball long. Encourage movement, possession and player skill.

3. Win Mentality- No one is a winner or loser, encourage and support good play for all players and teams. 

4. Equipment Availaibilty- Little Lever have not got Futsal goals in place yet. This will happen for the New Year.

5. Please contact the oppostion to confirm the game. Most of the teams are now on the contact list page, however I am still waiting for a number. If you haven't provided your details then let me know as soon as possible. 

6. Pitch availability - Bolton One pitches are not available for the 16/17th December but will be online for Saturday and Sunday from January 2018.

If you need anything, drop me an email. Other than that, I wish you and your players a Happy Christmas and New Year. Futsal 2018 here we come!

Kind Regards,










Hi All Futsal Ballers,

I will be putting fixtures together on the 27th November 2017.

In the meantime, I want to share and run through a couple of points with of all of you.

For the majority of you, the experiences have been really exciting, positive, and the players are really enjoying it. So for those providing feedback to me,thankyou and a huge thumbs up!

Now I need to run through the not so good points, I need to make you aware of my expectations, the Leagues, but more importantly your club representation.

For those of you who I have looked after as Agegroup Secretary, you know how I work, so please feel free to help or assist the other Coaches and teams if needs be.

  • Fixtures:

Fixtures are available on the BBDFL website under Agegroup / Futsal Small Sided / Fixtures.

All times, venues and opposition will be noted on these pages. If you have not checked then please do. I usually try to have them on by Tuesday at the lastest. There will be a fixture list date noted so you’ll know what week the games are for. For venues, again the details are next to the fixture time slot.

From time to time, I will move teams around. There will be a note on under “amendments”. This is if a team cannot play or another team wants the slot. So just check the fixtures by Thursday to reconfirm the details of your game.

PLEASE NOTE: All fixtures are prepared the week before games take place.

  • Cancellation of your Team Fixtures:

Normal administrative rules apply to Futsal. So, if you have not read the 2017/2018 handbook then please download and read a copy (This can be found as a download under Governance on the BBDFL website).


THIS MUST BE RECEIVED FROM YOU BY NO LATER THAN THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE THE GAME. The League rules on cancellation are Monday, however I am flexible to allow you until Wednesday.  

If YOU FAIL TO NOTIFY ME THAT YOU CANNOT PLAY / and JUST DO NOT TURN UP, then your Club will be sent a bill for the pitch cost for the slot you have not attended.


There have been again instances teams simply not turning up. Put simply, this will stop from now. I permitted a grace period to allow teams / coaches to settle in, but from the 1st week of December 2017 any team not notifying will be subject to the above. We all have busy lives, but we must think of parents, coaches and also the players who turn up and find out that they have no game! Please do not waste people’s time. If there is an issue then let me know before hand so I can assist you.

The players are all Children, let them play.


  • Team / Coach Contact Details:

For those of you who have provided contact details I thank you. For those who haven’t, then please send them over this week so I can add them to the Contact details page. This page is for you to touch base with the other Coaches to ensure your game is running. So, use it as much as you need.

  • Girl Opportunities:

For girls teams who want to play Futsal- pitches will be shortly available on Saturday afternoons to allow them to play. If there are any teams who want to join then please get in contact ASAP. I can also place you in with the boys teams if this is something you would like to do. Just let me know.


  • Club / Teams involved as of the 26/11/2017 and Billing:

Below is a list of Clubs / and their teams involved in the Futsal. An invoice for £60 will be shortly generated and issued to the Clubs.

If your team is not listed below and needs adding, then let me know. If you are no longer playing, then I will remove you. Please update this week.


  • AFC Monton United

AFC Monton  United U8

  • Atherton Town

Atherton Town Meteors U7

  • Atherton Colls

Atherton Colls U7

Atherton Aces U9

Atherton Alpha U9

Atherton LR U10


  • Atherton Park JFC

Atherton Park JFC Jaguars U10


  • Bolton Girls and Lads Cub


Bolton Lads and Girls Club Yellows U10

Bolton Lads and Girls Club Wanderers U11


  • Bromley Cross

Bromley Cross Titans U9

Bromley Cross Wizards U9


  • BX Titans

BX Titans U9s

  • Bury Juniors JFC

Bury Jnrs  Bulldogs U10


  • FC Stritkerz

FC Stritkerz Sharkz U7

FC Strikerz Blues U8



FC Strikerz Stingrays U8


FC Strikerz Ninjas U9


  • Hindley Juniors


Hindley Jnrs U10


  • Horwich St Marys

Horwich St Marys Panthers U11



  • Mossbank JFC

Mossbank Greens U11


Mossbank Greens U12


  • Newton Le Willows


Newton Le Willows Aces U7


  • North Walkden


North Walkden Blues U7

North Walkden Reds U7

  North Walkden reds U8

North Walkden Dragons U9


North Walkden Sharks U9


North Walkden Cobras U9


North Walkden Falcons U10



  • Prestwich Marauders


Prestwich Marauders Panthers U11



  • Tika Taka



Tika Taka Napoli U8

Tika Taka Bilbao U12



  • Turton FC


Turton Tigers Whites U10




Thank you all once again for your continued support.

Warmest Regards,

Gavin Hudson



We are now happy to bring to you the BBDFL Futsal Program. Please read the following information carefully.

Dates for your Diary:

The Start: Saturday 18th of November 2017 and Sunday 19th November 2017

Christmas Break/ Last weekend: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December 2017

Games restart Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th January 2018

World Cup Futsal Festival Cup – January 2018 – dates TBC

Last week of Fixtures: Saturday the 24th and Sunday 25th of February 2018

Participation: age groups U7 – U12 (U11s, U12s, U13s will be brought together into one group)


Registration of Teams:

Please send over to me before Wednesday 15th November 2017 your team's  coach details (name, email and contact number so I can upload onto the League Website.

Game Availability: If you are not available for a game, please email me to confirm you do not require a fixture by the Monday before the game. If you do not turn up with notification, your team may be taken off the fixtures for the following week.

Participation: If your Club / Team has not yet entered or would like to enter, then contact me at gavinbbdfl@gmail.com

The Venues:

Ladybridge HS 9 until 12 on Saturday and Sunday

Little Lever HS 9-11 Sundays

Bolton One (Jason Kenny Centre) various dates 10-2 on Saturdays and Sundays

The Cost: £60 Team

Equipment: indoor trainers, futsal shoes or flat soled trainers (No blades or studs)


Coach Development Week

Schedule for the 18th and 19th of November 2017

  1. Games will be provided on both the 18th and 19th November 2017  however the 19th of November 2017 Ladybridge will be used for a Futsal training morning. This means that not every team will play the first weekend. Teams not playing on the first weekend will be priotised for the following weekend.
  2. Training Session – and introduction to Futsal – Sunday 19th November 2017 9.30 start until 12pm

There will be an Introduction to Futsal for all Coaches and Club Volunteers who will be taking teams in Futsal. It is a recommendation that you attend this event to familiarise yourself with the game and to learn the basic rules, as well as have the opportunity to play the game. There will be a register of teams which you will need to sign. Teams who have no attendance will be expected to go on a secondary workshop in a couple of weeks.


The Introduction to Futsal Workshop will be delivered by Chris Vernon – FA Futsal Coach Educator.

The Workshop will consist of Basic Rules of Futsal,  hints and tips on delivery of sessions, a Q&A session, along with your chance to play this exiting game – yes, there will be actual Coaches games you can partake in.

For those who are interested in completing Futsal L1 and potential L2 off the back of this workshop, please let me know so that I collect numbers for delivering future courses.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is open to both Male and Female Coaches – get down and enjoy the morning


Rules of the Game (Non Competitive Format) 5v5, (uneven sided challenges 6v5, 4v5, Powerplay if required). 



League Rule Summary:

Games will be on a 3 team format ( so 3 teams per pitch per hour)

Games will be 18 minutes games, and 3 games per hour with a 2 minute turnaround of teams.

Games must stick to the hour – over running into the next slot may mean that you may miss the next week’s games so please be courteous to the other teams and manage your hour.

There is no need for big team talks in the hour, just get them playing. Once played, please swap teams around straight away.

Please concentrate on development of players, the sole aim is not about winning!

Futsal Rule Summary:

  • Futsal is played on a marked pitch and  the  ball can go out of play Head Height.
  • There are no height restrictions substitutions.
  • Players must enter and leave the field of play from in front of the respective team’s bench. Unlimited roll on roll off subs (THINK ABOUT EQUAL GAME TIME).
  • Kick inIn order to restart the game after a ball has gone out of play the ball is kicked back into play from the touchline and from corners. The ball must be placed stationary on the touchline and the feet of the player taking  the kick-in must not cross the line.
  • The Four second Rule - For kick-ins, free kicks, goal clearances and corner kicks the player in possession of the ball has 4 seconds to restart play which the referee will count with their fingers in the air. If play isn’t restarted within four seconds possession is surrendered to the opposing team. The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than 4 seconds in his/ her own half.
  • The Five Metre Rule - Players are required to keep 5m from the player in possession of the ball on free  kicks, corners, goal clearances, kick-ins  and penalties.
  • Goalkeepers - Goalkeepers are allowed to come out  of their area and players are allowed to go into the penalty area.
  • A restart from the goalkeeper must be thrown out, but the goalkeeper can use their feet  to distribute the ball from open play.
  • Back Passes - Once the goalkeeper has played the ball  he/she cannot touch the ball again unless an opposition player has touched the ball or if the goalkeeper is passed the ball in the opponents half. 




U7s Teams

1.     Atherton Town Meteors  

2.     Tika Taka Benefica

3.     FC Strikerz Warriors

4.     Atherton LR

5.     North Walkden Blues

6.    North Walkden Reds

6.    Leigh United Lightning

8.    Newton Le Willows Aces

9.    Tika Taka Pirlos


U8s Teams

1.     Boothstown Lightning

3.     FC Strikerz Blues

4.     FC Strikerz Lions

5.     FC Strikerz Stingrays

6.     FC Strikerz Warriors

7.     North Walkden Reds

8.    AFC Monton United

9.    Newton Le Willows Aces


U9s Teams

1.     Bromley Cross Titans

2.     Bromley Cross Wizards

3.     FC Strikerz Ninjas

4.     FC Strikerz Yellows

5.     Atherton LR Team 1 * team name TBC

6.     Atherton LR Team 2 * team name TBC

7.    North Walkden Team 1 * team name TBC

8.    North Walkden Team 2 * team name TBC

9.    North Walkden Team 3 * team name TBC


U10s Teams

1.     Turton Tigers Whites

2.     North Walkden Falcons

3.     North Walkden Team 2 * team name TBC

4.     Hindley Jnrs

5.     Atherton LR

6.     Bury Jnr Bulldogs

7.    Bolton Lads & Girls Yellows

8.    Atherton Park JFC Jaguars

9.   FC Stritkerz Avengers


U11s Teams

1.     Bolton Lads & Girls Wanderers

2.     Mossbank Greens

3.     Mossbank Blues

4.     Prestwich Marauders Panthers


U12s Teams (To play in the U11 Group of teams)

1.     Tika Taka Bilbao

2.     Atherton LR

3.     Mossbank Greens


U13s Teams (To play in the group of U11 teams)

1.     Horwich Saint Marys Panthers

2.     Aspull