Coaching Skills

"The BBDFL Coach"-A Way Of Working

Age Group: All

Drill Type: Fundamentals


To deliver consistency, and a way of working within the BBDFL Coaching network.

To raise the standards of coaching and development within the BBDFL

To ensure all our coaches have up to date mandatory certificates.

To support coaches in their professional development

To identify coaches who can support the BBDFL Coaching and Development Team

To buy into the BBDFL vision of "Raising The Bar" of our coaches

To ensure our coaches are approriately " kitted out" for their coaching duties

To build a "Coaching The Coach Culture" with use of external expertise. ( CCC)


All our coaches need to hold up to date manadatory certificates-CRB/Safeguarding/First Aid.

All our coaches need a relevant FAN number and are listed on the BBDFL Coaching Register.

All our coaches hold a minimum Level 1 qualification in Coaching Football ( QCF)

All our coaches are given 100% support by their Clubs and the League to develop their coaching portfolio.

All our coaches embrace the vision of creating our own coaching pathway towards academy status

All our coaches to join The FA Coaches Licence Club. Its free registration.

All our coaches are committed to kids development and not just winning football matches

All our coaches create a poistive learning environment with the kids development top of the agenda.

All our coaches are appropriately dressed as a coach both at training and match day-footwear, appropriate shorts/track suit bottoms/jackets.

All our coaches have appropriate resources to deliver training and match day. Balls, Bibs, Cones, First Aid Kits, Spare shin-pads, goalkeeping gloves.

All our coaches respect the guidelines on player development/fun/healthy competition.

All our coaches ensure they operate on the opposite side of the pitch to their parents and make sure the mandatory parent/respect line is in place at every game within the BBDFL

All our coaches accept a key responsibility is to build supportive relationships within their parent groups, and to identify a couple of individuals who can act as the key interface with the coach on match day.

All our coaches behave appropriately. Its simple really but this is key to everything we are building.

All our coaches embrace the need for Continual Professional Development( CPD) in their role.

We are all role models for the children