Coaching Skills

The BBDFL Coach Development Programme 2015/16

Age Group: All

Drill Type: Fundamentals


To inform all our members of the plans for Coach Development


The Vision

• To create and deliver the BBDFL Coaching Pathway into a BBDFL “best in class” Football Coaching Academy

Mission Statement

• To ensure the BBDFL coaching community is a best in class group, coaching to the best of their ability, within a structured pathway, to the ultimate benefit of young children.

Programme Objectives:

• To provide coaches and managers of BBDFL a secure environment for learning, coach education and continuous professional development( CPD)

• To deliver an academy programme in line with mandatory and junior football qualifications, that enhance current learning, to develop junior and youth football within the BBDFL league.


Register of current MANDATORY qualifications of ALL managers and coaches within the league.

Milestones / Timeframes:

Produce register of qualifications – August 2015

Coach Development Launch-September 2015

Identify Coach Mentors and external partners – Year 1

Identify Coaching Workshop/Development programmes – Continuous

Develop online coach mentoring site (BBDFL) – Immediate and Continuous

Engage with identified Coach Education providers – Year 1, then continuous

Create the BBDFL Coaching Pathway into the BBDFL Coaching Academy- THE VISION


BBDFL League Committee

BBDFL registered clubs, teams, managers and coaches

Coach Development Team


BWFC Academy and Football in the Community Coaches

Local Authority Sports Coordinator

Summary of Programme:

Through the support and input of the league committee, partners and clubs, the objective is to provide a continuous football coaching programme of development for managers and coaches to aid the development of players at all levels and ability.

The over-riding principle must be to enhance the player’s progression and enjoyment of playing junior football within BBDFL.

To align the programme to the new Football Association DNA Plan, BBDFL will develop and encourage managers and coaches to attend ‘Coach Development’ workshops and utilise the BBDFL website Coaching Skills online learning site.

The programme will ensure all the managers and coaches within the league manage and coach to recognised standards that meet the national mandatory requirements, i.e. CRB/Safeguarding/First Aid/Level1/Youth Modules.

The programme will provide an environment that allows managers/ coaches and players to ‘challenge’ in an informal manner to how we play and develop the game, without fear of reprisal.

Facilitation of the programme will be through the support of identified partners, and identified coach mentors.

These partners and coaches will have or hold agreed coaching qualifications and have coached or worked within junior/ youth and adult football levels.

This will ensure an informed and credible scale of knowledge.

Coaching Programmes:

Four programmes of support and development have been identified as achievable short term and sustainable in the long term:

Programme One:

In House Coaching Days – These will be held at identified locations and theme/age group based, facilitated and delivered by Coaches that have either a Coach Educator qualification or recognised experience in football coaching.

The aim of these practical events will be to provide structured sessions that take the coaches through session set ups, delivery, challenge, implementation in game scenarios and how to recognise success.

These sessions may be held bi-monthly throughout the season with additional summer programme of support sessions held over a one month period.

Programme Two:

Club and Coach Support Days – clubs can approach the league to provide Coach Mentors to attend club training sessions to identify areas of best practice or learning opportunities for their managers and coaches.

The Coach Mentor would provide open and honest feedback during the sessions and clubs should support the Coach Mentor if they are required to step in on sessions when identifying areas for development.

The Coach Mentor can also provide session sheets for the club for future areas of development and if requested assist in delivering the session to club managers and coaches.

Programme Three:

Coaching Conferences – the league and partners will, on identified dates (scheduled dates possibly twice a year), provide an input on coaching themes to assist development of managers and coaches within the league.

The conferences will identify what the areas of learning the managers and coaches require and what is available to assist their learning.

The league will identify through key partners and educators who can provide insight into how best to develop players at professional/ national level, with the emphasis on how this can be translated to ‘grass roots’ football and the England DNA Plan.

The conferences will also provide examples through demonstration of sessions that can be delivered to all age groups from warm-ups, functions, phases and small sided games.

The conference will also have an input on healthy living and also on behaviour of managers and coaches to emphasise the leagues standards.

Programme Four:

With immediate effect the posting of coach development items on the BBDFL Website. Quotes, Do’s and Don’ts, Practical Tips, Coaching Corner, Drills etc.