File Name: BBDFL U7 FESTIVAL 2018 app form.docx

Date Uploaded:

Description: Please download, complete and forward to gavinbbdfl@gmail,com

File Name: County Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines 2017-18.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: A full and useful guide to the new discipline procedures

File Name: bbdfl coach mentoring intro.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: FA Coach Mentoring Presentation

File Name: Repeat Offences handout V2.pdf

Date Uploaded:


File Name: BBDFL Football Rules 2017-18.docx

Date Uploaded:

Description: BBDFL Football Rules 2017-18

File Name: bbdfl Wildcats Consent1.doc

Date Uploaded:

Description: Please read and complete the attached form

File Name: BBDFL Complaints form.doc

Date Uploaded:

Description: BBDFL Complaint Form

File Name: safeguarding parents v3.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: FA Safeguarding Leaflet

File Name: Manchester Youth Futsal League Team Handbook.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: This handbook is for the Manchester Futsal League Teams

File Name: Futsal Rules 2016.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: Please find attached the rules for the Sunday Futsal League We do expect a level of common sense be used as people get used to the rules in futsal

File Name: u9-and-u10-ydr-booklet.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: Useful information for U9s / U10s Mini Soccer Games

File Name: BBDFL-Coaches Handbook.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: BBDFL-Coaches Handbook

File Name: BBDFL Coach Development Pathway.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: BBDFL Coach Development Pathway

File Name: BBDFL Event - 22nd August 2015.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: Please see the attached PDF

File Name: template---club-safeguarding-children-policy-procedures2015.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: see attached

File Name: Safeguarding Information 2015.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: see attached

File Name: PhotographyGuidelines - Copy.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: See Attached

File Name: U21s handbook rules 2015 -16.pdf

Date Uploaded:

Description: NOTE THESE ARE DRAFT RULES UNTIL CONFIRMED BY THE LFA Provided online for information and comment only

File Name: 8595 LCC Postcard_A5 Landscape.pdf

Date Uploaded: 09/08/14 18:25

Description: Please see the attached flyer

File Name: instructions-basic-admin.pdf

Date Uploaded: 11/07/14 15:54

Description: Please see the instructions for iTeamMate The users need to be aware they will need to get the club logins from iTeamMate before they can access the system. They don't need to register on iTeamMate, as we have already setup all the clubs that were listed on the league at the end of the season. All we need to add is new administrators for each club. We would like to offer some iTeamMate training presentations to help people if required.

File Name:

Date Uploaded: 21/01/14 21:33

Description: A must read for all parents and guardians

File Name: FACautionReport2009.xls

Date Uploaded: 31/08/11 15:21

Description: Please find attached a copy of the FA caution report form for referees. Please complete this form when you wish to report that you have cautioned players in a game. Please note this form can be used for multiple cautions, but not for sending off. Once complete send the form to:

File Name: StandardMisconductFormTemplate.xls

Date Uploaded: 31/08/11 15:21

Description: Please find attached a copy of the FA misconduct report for referees. Please complete this form when you send anybody off, or whish to report a parent, coach, official or any other person for misconduct. Once complete send the form to:

File Name: Bolton Bury Reg Form.doc

Date Uploaded: 31/08/11 15:09

Description: Please find attached a word document version of the referee registration form

File Name: What is Futsal.pdf

Date Uploaded: 19/02/11 19:24

Description: Futsal Guide in PDF

File Name:

Date Uploaded: 22/07/10 15:19

Description: Please see the attached document for full details

File Name: Overuse Presentation.pps

Date Uploaded: 08/03/10 16:40

Description: An excellent PowerPoint presentation from BWFC Pysiotherapist, Jamie Miller

File Name: CelebratingFootballThroughPhotographsandVideo2.pdf

Date Uploaded: 02/10/08 22:14

Description: Please see the attached guidance document produced by the FA in relation to the taking of photgraphs.

File Name: Respect_Presentation for FA Council.ppt

Date Uploaded: 01/10/08 20:48

Description: Please could we ask all members of the BBDJFL view the attached powerpoint

File Name: FA Respect - Coaches.pdf

Date Uploaded: 30/09/08 23:43

Description: A must read coument for every Manager and Coach in the BBDJFL

File Name: FA Respect - Spectators.pdf

Date Uploaded: 30/09/08 23:42

Description: A must read document for all who attend matches in the BBDJFL

File Name:

Date Uploaded: 03/09/08 20:36

Description: Please see the attached respect guide (PDF)