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Everybody who follows me on twitter, reads my column in the Bolton News or listens to my ramblings on Bolton FM or Audioboo will know that I am a firm believer in "Name and Shame"

But lets put this in to context. I am a firm believer in name and shame when it is required!

Just another tool in the toolbox to help make the game environment a better place

I want my toolbox filled with

I have just typed 16 bullet points but I could do more and I purposely have put AIJF and Name and Shame on the list

Both add value in the own right, but both are not the whole solution.

We are proud in the BBDFL of our strict no fines policy as we believe it is abhorrent to fine your volunteers, but we also feel its abhorrent to abuse ANYBODY at ANY sporting event and its even worse if that person is a juvenile

On occassions we need something in our toolbox to deal with the worst offenders

Finally, ask yourself why overall crime has fallen and our streets appear safer when police numbers have been dramtically cut, local authorities have faced massive cuts and their isnt the money around for CCTV, Fencelines and other protective barriers?

Then have a look at your phone!

Millions of people are walking round with a CCTV/recording device of their own now and the offenders know that!

Just ask Ronnie Pickering!!!

So yes I am an advocate of name and shame, but in context with all the other tools available

In 2015 we had 534 teams and be the end of 2016 season 649

A massive rise of 115 teams in one season and also massive reductions of around 65% of discipline issues over the past 3 or 4 years

We are certainly not perfect, but the use of our toolbox is having a positive affect in many areas

Here is to many more

Warren Barlow