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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

The BBDFL has historically paid for personal accident insurance for its members although this is against the advice of the County FA and the FA who state it is a club responsibility.

The quote for the 2016/17 season for personal accident insurance for the league is around £6000

This though would only cover a clubs teams which play in the BBDFL and clubs would need to take out personal accident insurance for all their other teams which play in other leagues

The insurance companies on many occassions were getting paid twice, once from the BBDFL and again from clubs who had teams in other leagues. On occasions teams in the BBDFL were also paying their own PA insurance as well as the league.

Our insurance would only cover a team when playing in league fixtures and as such, friendlies, training etc were also not covered which is why the FA advised that we shouldnt be paying this as a league.

The league committee beleive this cannot continue and as such do not intend offering Pesonal Accident Insurance for the 2016/17 season and advise all clubs to seek their own personal accident insurance which will cover them for all comeptitions, training and friendlies.

We would seek to use the £6000 for many of our initiatives to grow forms of the game, educate and support clubs with venue and equipment costs.

The final point is Personal Accident is not a mandatory requirement for teams until Under 18. Its advisable, but not ,mandatory.From 2016/17 that decision rests with clubs and not the League.

This will be discussed at Mondays SGM and this is provided as background information to this decision