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Football Scouts and Private Academy Repr ...

Football Scouts and Private Academy Representatives

Hi and hope you are all well.

As a League, we don’t want to burden you with too many communications, but this one is very important for the safeguarding of our players and the education of our coaches and parents.

Over the past few weeks, I have personally been made aware of scouts and private soccer schools turning up at various venues across Bolton and Bury without prior approval, and in some cases without personal identification.

Please can you pass on the following guidelines to everyone associated with your club to ensure we comply with FA guidelines and protect all of our members.

1. No Professional Football Club Scout or anyone representing a private soccer school/academy can attend any BBDFL game without prior approval from the Club/Coach.

2. If the Club agrees, the scout or private soccer school representative must present an official ID card to both Managers prior to the game.

3. Under no circumstances can any scout or representative approach a parent or a player direct without prior approval from the Manager/Coach.

4. Under no circumstances can a scout or representative distribute sales literature to parents or children at any grassroots football location without prior approval.

We are not in any way trying to prevent player development, and indeed support it, but we are concerned that certain protocol and process is not being followed

I hope you appreciate the need for me to send this notice on behalf of the League.

Thanks and Kind regards,